Horary Astrology

Horary astrology is an ancient branch of astrology that focuses on determining answers to very specific questions. Unlike natal astrology, which is useful to get an overview of the life of a person, horary astrology seeks practical answers on a yes or no basis.

Traditional astrology questions should be clearly formulated, personally relevant to the person who asks and should relate to specific events and whether they will occur or not in the near future. Questions such as "will I get that job", "will she marry me" or "will we win that lawsuit" are practical examples of questions that are the subject of horary astrology.

Incomplete list of topics

The following list shows an incomplete list of topics that allows people to understand the kind of issues that are handled by horary astrology techniques.

Important rules

There are important rules that must be taken into account when asking a horary question.

How horary consultations are conducted:

You should formulate your question as clearly as possible following the rules above. Then send me an email to the address on the contact page. The email should contain:

If the issue is unclear, or if more information is needed, I may have to ask you for clarification.

Once I receive the question, I will cast a horary astrology chart and send you a report. This report is a PDF file that contains the question, the chart and the answer as detailed as possible. Depending on the question, the answer may include detailed information about conditions or people who may affect or contribute to the result.

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