Natal Astrology

Natal astrology is an astrological system that aims to describe the personality and path in life of an individual by constructing an astrological chart for his date and place of birth. This type of consultation is useful to determine a wide range of information about the different areas of life of the individual.

In my professional approach I start with a general description of the client's personality. This description includes the client's base temperament (introversion vs. extroversion and adaptability vs need for structure) and other base techniques. Then I proceed with the description of the most relevant areas of life of the person. These may include subjects as diverse as financial and other material resources, family matters, children, health, personal relationships, employment and careers among others.

The choice of areas of life to be mentioned depend on the person's needs and any possible life goals.

Information needed

The following information is important to calculate the natal chart:

How natal consultations are conducted:

Scheduling and price